Frequently Asked Questions

    Q) Are the Followers real?
    A) Yes, they are targeted users from your specified sources that only follow back if they have a genuine interest in your page or brand.

    Q) Will the Followers & Likes disappear after the service?
    A) No, the followers are following you because they enjoy seeing your content. They are not fake and will not be lost.

    Q) What is the Quality of the Followers?
    A) We target specific users using our smart system we know will engage with your posts.

    Q) How long before I see Results?
    A) You can expect to see results within 6 hours of using our service.

    Q) Do you post the Content too?
    A) If you would like a full management package please Contact Us.

    Q) Do I need to sign up for a month or a year?
    A) Upon signing up our service will run for 28 days with no contracts or subscriptions that will tie you in.