1. Instagram
    Your Social Growth Limited (11089961) is not certified or endorsed by Instagram™. All Instagram™ logos and trademarks used in the domain, https://yoursocialgrowth.com and any applicable subdomain(s) are the property of Instagram.
    Your Social Growth Limited (11089961) is not affiliated with Instagram or any third-parties in any way.
    You will fully comply with Instagram's Terms of Use.

  2. General
    If you do not agree with ALL the Terms of Service for Your Social Growth (11089961)  DO NOT use our service(s).

  3. Service
    The service run by Your Social Growth Limited (11089961) is run by using your Instagram API Key to interact with various other accounts and work within Instagram's limits. You agree to not use any other service, website, platform or automation tool in conjunction with Your Social Growth Limited (11089961), doing so will result in a breach of your agreement and in extreme cases make you liable for your account getting banned.
    The number of followers, leads and sales are also dependent on other aspects of your Instagram account such as - but not limited to... Posts, Hashtags, Geotags, Captions, Activity, Response Rate & Speed. The service(s) should be used not be fully relied upon to expand and grow your current business/account.
    Your Social Growth Limited (11089961) reserves the right to not provide the service(s) for your account(s) if they do not wish to.
    A 1 month service will run for 28 days and upgrades can be done at any given time into the service, you will be invoiced at the pro-rata rate. You can downgrade at your next billing cycle.

  4. Payments & PayPal
    Payment for the service(s) are made payable upfront and will not be in on account or held in arrears. Failure to pay at the end of the 28-day period will lead to the service being paused until payment has been made. 
    You FULLY understand how the service(s) being offered works and will not file or raise a fraudulent dispute or complaint against Your Social Growth Limited (11089961) or to PayPal, doing so will result in an immediate termination of service(s) and is under the discretion of Your Social Growth Limited (11089961) to service service you and your accounts in the future.

  5. Privacy
    Your credentials are used solely for the purpose of establishing a connection with Instagram after which they will be permanently destroyed for your accounts security.
    We will not sell your information, this includes but is not limited to... Forename(s), Surname(s), Age, Email Address(es), Street Address(es), Postcode(s), Town, City, Country, County, ZIP Code, Company Name(s), Company Number(s), Company's Registered Address, Director(s), Shareholder(s).

  6. Copyright
    You agree to not use any text or images used in https://yoursocialgrowth.com or any applicable subdomain(s) without formally requesting and formally receiving consent from the Director Your Social Growth Limited (11089961).

  7. Reviews
    If asked for permission to use your Logo or Testimonial Your Social Growth Limited (11089961) reserves the right to use your Logo and Testimonial on any website on the World Wide Web.

  8. Liabilities
    Your Social Growth Limited (11089961) will not be held liable for any account suspension, bans or posts deleted by Instagram.

  9. Disclaimers
    Your Social Growth Limited (11089961) will not be held responsible for any damages or issues caused to your business.
    Your Social Growth Limited (11089961) does not offer any guarantees, therefore, will not be held liable for not obtaining any specific follower/engagement goal in any 28-day period. If your goal has not been met you must renew the service till your goals are met.

  10. Change of Terms
    These Terms and Conditions expressed are subject to change at any given time and Your Social Growth Limited (11089961) is not required to inform any persons unless it will result in voiding the Terms that are currently in place.

  11. Refund Policy
    Your Social Growth Limited (11089961) provides digital services that are not physically shipped to a location therefore once the payment has been processed it is not possible to offer a refund regardless of when the service was purchased and regardless of if it has started.
    If any system(s) have not performed as expected we will compensate in the form of providing additional days - there will be no financial compensation. Regardless of if you have 1 account or 10 accounts, they will all be compensated.

  12. Referrals
    An existing client of Your Social Growth (11089961) paying full price without any coupon/discount code(s) may refer any person(s) and if the recommended person(s) buys any package/service the client who initiated the referral will be provided with an additional +14 days to the service. If multiple accounts are referred +14 days is multiplied but the number of new paying accounts.